Specialising in Frangipanis, Ornamental and Fruit Trees 

The Bigga Trees Difference


As a leading provider of Frangipani Plants, we take pride in offering a wide range of sizes, colours and varieties.

Bigga trees offers a range of rarer varieties as well as our beautiful range of grafted and bi-grafted frangipani trees.

As  a family run business specialising in growing frangipanis our plants are very healthy, well loved and well cared for. We are proud to present a range of rare and exotic varieties which is continually increasing.

Our Ornamental Tree section is continually expanding and  includes an ever increasing range of Deciduous, Evergreen, Flowering and Native trees. 

The Fruit Tree section has a great selection of different trees to choose from including dwarf, miniature and standard varieties and 2 in 1 varieties on one tree.

We also have a wide range of Hibiscus plants both evergreen and deciduous as well as  Gardenia, Camellia and Magnolia plants.

New stock of small miscellaneous plants  are ever changing and growing as well as a selection of indoor plants and shaded plants.

Check out the Photo Album page for photos of our Frangipanis and Ornamental Trees.